Tuesday, June 24, 2014

jokes for the anxious folk

Guys, this maybe the tiniest blog on the planet (99% sure it is), but I was totally floored with the response I got to this post. Not only the comments, but the Facebook messages and especially the emails. You emailed me your experiences, your support, your humorous takes on anxiety. You emailed me. In my honest, heart felt opinion that is above and beyond considering for most of us...we've never ever met.  When you have too many emotions, little things go a long way so thank you...you buoyed me up. :)

A sweet internet bestie, Sabrina sent me this beautifully accurate image.

If only I looked half that good when I'm in full on nervous chihuahua mode.

And whenever I'm in said full on nervous chihuahua mode I enjoy a good laugh, so here are a few of my current favorites. 

Have you read the Bloggess*? Gurl. Get over there now. Start with this post. And then turn on Netflix for the kids and keep reading. 

To say I wish I had thought of this first is an understatement. 


I can't even. Breathe. His face. I need an inhaler.  


Still can't even. Lol-ing to the bathroom if you catch my drift. 

And once you use the facilities watch these. 1, 2 and 3. I can't pick a favorite. 

And really again, thank you for the support, really. I've made some big steps with getting back on the not-always-having-a-break-down train and I'm pretty happy. :)

*just an fyi the bloggess can sometimes have some more colorful language, just wanted to let you know before you click over. :)
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I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!