Tuesday, June 3, 2014


After aging our backs 37 years by hand digging our in-ground trampoline, not dedicating post to it would just not be cool. All. that. dirt.

Because I cannot clone myself into a tangible guardian angel for the little tykes, I was certain they would fall off the trampoline and die any minute before we got it into the ground. But full disclaimer, we let little Rad fall off a trampoline head-first...when we were digging the hole to make it safe... and I was supposed to be watching him. But he's about as normal as little boys ever are.
They're bendy at that age, right?

But seriously having the tramp in the ground is the best. Whenever I think that someone might kill someone and I'm not in the mood to listen to elaborate alibis we go...jump! And I like to think that I'm getting a really good butt workout. Bonus.

Paradise, thy name is jumping under the sun.

And watching Rad get on the trampoline all by himself and jump is one of the more entertaining moments of my adult life.

I get a secret delight in jumping with Rhett. He's not quite 4 yet, but he can already wrestle me down, so when I can bounce him just barely higher than he likes-I feel like I keep my head honcho positions for another 24 hours. 

Oh, I know he's my child, but this picture still cracks me right up, up, and away. ^^^

That face? Me realizing I just peed my pants. An adult diaper might me needed for marathon jumping sessions. ^^^ 

Some other highlights:

- The kids are terrified of being bounced too high unless they are pressed up fully against a parent. Rad knows 1.85 actual words but has quite the squeal range and Rhett's vocab melts into an indistinguishable slur in the upper octaves when the bounce gets too big.

- Tramp hair. Coined by Rhett, it means the static mess your hair becomes after laying down on the trampoline. So far it's only been used once outside of our home, when changing in a dressing room at Target. "Momma, why you got tramp hair?"

- Rhett LOVES thinking he can see the whole city from the hight of his jumps. Wink.

- Rad just stands there most of the time and flaps his arms or runs in place. "Bahh?" he wonders. Yes. 

- Rhett also spontaneously turns into a cowboy on the trampoline and loves to run around the edge yelling "gooey up!"

Jump, jump, jump on it. 

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