Monday, August 4, 2014

Cuatro and however you say 18 months in Spanish

Rad: You are almost 18 months!! Lil turkey you defy typical Miller nature and wake up in a weirdly good mood day after day and nap after nap. (Bless you!) You're totally proficient in lots of important arenas: dropping it like it's hot to anything that slightly resembles a dance-able beat, pulling and tugging my over worn yoga pants down around my knees (not in public, yet - thank you), always wanting to be held or touched, pulling everyone's hair, and flooding the bathroom every single bath time.  You don't say much, but you can bark like a dog and know how to say mama in every octave on the scale. Your greatest talent is run-wandering. You snuck out the front door a few weeks ago and we let you think you were getting away with something while you bow legged sprinted (supervised!!!) down the sidewalk. You made it five houses down before your dad went and caught you, but I have no doubt that you would've made it all the way to California if your energy stores would've allowed. You are always getting in trouble for sneak eating tooth paste and I'm getting really terrible at hiding my eye rolls I find you trying to wear my bra's on your head-somethings we can both work on together. But happy 18 months Rad-man, you are the sweetest little stinker. :)

Rhett: These pictures pretty much sum up the past four years with you Rhett. You turned FOUR on Saturday. (Time flies! Time drags!) What do I love about this age? You can (mostly) be reasoned with in a pinch. And if that doesn't work - bribery is always an option. You understands the majority of the English language,  which isn't necessarily a good thing I guess because I caught you playing with toys and having the following conversation ...

Rhett: So what do you want to do today?
Mute toys:
Rhett: sigh - well, it's just a frustrating day here for me.
Mute toys:
Rhett: I'm over this. I need to get some milk.

You are still the local resident nudist. When you meander into a room in your birthday suit 3 minutes after you just got dressed, we ask why you are naked. The answer is always the same, "because I just like to be nakie." Well, can't argue with that. Once you start asking awkward questions or turn 5, whatever comes first, we'll work on keeping the clothes on.

You really have never met a person who wasn't your BFF. Rhett will hug attack or high five you if you so much as glance his way even from the safe distance of 30 yards - he charges. Be warned. And be weirded out.

And darling you are a never ending question asker, actually never ending chatter box. You ask a million questions. Per minute ...

Where did Dad buy this car?
What color white is his car?
Do you think this car is as cool as I do, Mom?
Are we going to long church or to the trampoline place?
How many sprinkles does this donut have?
When will I be a little a baby again?
Where did this building come from?
Can I get a rat?
Can I get a rat with a tail that holds onto my arm?
When are you going to turn nine?
Why do you call Dad, Jake?
Do you want to sleep in my bed with me?
Do you think I can watch a show?
Just one episode?
But just ONE episode, maybe?
Is the Target your favorite place ever?

And those queries just get us to the end of our driveway.

So to rap this momma bear love fest up a few bullet points I don't want to forget.

- You come in bright and early and climb into our bed for a little extra sleep. But really it's more like a hostage situation since you take and refuse to give up our pillows and blanket.

- You are a professional superhero at all times and continue to insist that your God given name is Spider Man.

- You know tons of random facts about animals. My favorite most recent gem was when you informed us that polar bears can swim for up to a week. Looked it up. It's true! How do you know that?? And yet you still don't know that your name only has 2 Ts in it. Not the extra 6 you always tack on.

- You love to tell "jokes" and find yourself absolutely hilarious. In fact you reprimand us when we don't laugh hard enough for your standards. Especially if we don't include a foot stomp of hilarity.

- You know the words to every song and will dance anytime anywhere. Those hips don't lie.

- You get super excited when your brother is finally up from his nap. It's pretty sweet unless you decide to wake him up on your own schedule and terms. Not cool.

Happy birthday Rhett! To say we love you is the understatement for our lives. You're totally awesome.

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