Monday, August 18, 2014

so much to say, so little time part 11

Conversations with a 4 year old are fantastic.

Calling him his God given name:

Julia: Hey Rhett honey?
Rhett: No mom. Not Rhett.
Rhett: Call me Jazzy Joy-ya.

Following a pouf of bum air:

Rhett: (Sniffs the air) Oh man. My bum is not in a good mood.

Packing for our trip to Kentucky:

Jake: Rhett can you go get your blanket for your suitcase?
Rhett: No. I can't.
Jake: You're not being very helpful.
Rhett. I know. But I am being very cute.

Post a not sharing incident:

Julia: Because you're not sharing, you have a timeout from your toys.
Rhett: (Very enraged) Well then you have a timeout from your clothes!!!!

Dismissing myself from a BBQ dinner:

Rhett: Where are you going Mom?
Julia: I have to use the restroom.
Rhett: Well you could just pee pee on the grass.
Rhett: All the animals everywhere do it Mom.
Rhett: It would be fun!

In the car:

Rhett: Rad say car!
Rad: Dogh.
Rhett: Rad say tree!
Rad: Dogh.
Rhett: Rad say condensation!
Rad: Dogh.

Standing on the bathroom scale:

Rhett: Aww man!!!
Rhett: I'm 30 miles!!
Rhett: Deep, dramatic sigh.

Approaching the electronic sliding doors at Walmart:

Rhett: (Dramatically throws his arms up as the doors slide open) All hail the King Rhett!

A sample of the 47 exact same selfies on my phone. Indeed.

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