Wednesday, August 6, 2014

how to party like you were born in 2010

What harebrained parent came up with throwing birthday parties for their kids? And who was the second harebrained parent that created the first Pinterest birthday board? Because they should have known that I'm a lost sheep in a world of amazing parents so I tend to follow the herd, crazy Pinterest schemes and all. Truthfully I half expected a live pony complete with premade Pinterest approved birthday party for Rhett waiting for us if I simply day dreamed hard enough about's didn't happen this year...but I'll never quit dreaming. Till then it's just me and all the creativity in my little finger. 

I mean don't these pictures make you want to pin them 1000X times over? I know. It's stellar.  

Homemade birthday signs with limited marker choice and super limited artistic skills. We love you Rhett!!!

^^^I'll skip the commentary on the next slew of pictures, but Rhett groaned and strained with the wrapping paper like he was trying to open a jar of spaghetti sauce. It's so hard to open presents. The woes of being the birthday boy.

^^^ I lied, one more unnecessary comment. We hung streamers at the bottom of the stairs and Rad sat their for a LONNNGGG time going down one step and then back up, then back down one step totally unsure if he could go through them. Only 18 months and already bordering on the cusp of genius. 

^^^Rhett wasn't into stopping the party shenanigans for a picture with those who gave him life. 

This year we felt that we could handle the party people without having their parents there so we thought taking everyone to an indoor trampoline place and McDonalds seemed way easier than having our home taken over by 4 year olds. We're brave, but not the Braveheart kind of brave. 

I failed to get any McDonald's pictures. It was a boarder line frenzy trying to get everyone's orders and managing the excitement known has the Happy Meal Toy. 

We came home for cupcakes and presents. Rhett was dead set on purple frosting (what do you mean most four year old boys don't want neon purple cupcakes...?) so we delivered. 

I felt a little bit guilty about this party because it didn't require any overly large demonstrations of love via elaborate decorations and cute snacks. I felt like it but me in the slacker mom category. But really Rhett was thrilllllled with everything from jumping all morning to the number of sprinkles of his cupcake. So maybe fine, still slackers this year, but slackers full of good intentions and a dash of love for a certain 4 year old. :)
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  1. You are a perfect mother. You are never, no never a slacker!!!! What a perfect, beyond perfect birthday. Rhett's face just shows how happy he is. You succeeded in making his fourth so special. Love all the photos. How do you make purple frosting??????? Thanks for keeping up with a lot of our family traditions.

  2. I think Pinterest has ruined parties and expectations...that looks like a perfect party that he will always remember!

    My boys (5 & 7) both love the color pink still and fight over anything pink :)


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