Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I try real hard to be pretty flexible with letting the boys where what they want. Unless we have a tres tres chic social function like church to attend, I try to not let my left eye get to twitchy when they emerge with their clothing choice.


We're hitting a real fashion high note over here.

^^^ Lean a little more to the left Rad and look a liiiiiitttle more unnatural. There. Perfect.

^^^ Smolder. 
      Still Smoldering. 

^^^ Some down the street neighbors were out walking their dog and caught us taking photos and I was more than a little embarrassed which (as Jake pointed out) is ridiculous because the photos are going to be seen by a little sliver of internet and are our non-friends going to all of a sudden cut ties? No.

^^^ I see so many cute babies/toddlers rocking the hat and looking so cute cute cute but in this situation I'll just stick with what I know: this is technically not a hat Rad. But technically you do look pretty cute. 

^^^ Hmm. I won't mince words and say I don't hate this outfit because I absolutely hate this outfit but by the time I realized how much I hated it...he refused to take it off for 48 whole hours. (Wearing the shirt backwards all 2880 minutes.)

^^^ Big boy underpants...big momma underpants...wants to wear all the time underpants. (These are a never before used pair from some I got after Rad was born. So yes it's weird, BUT it could be a whole lot weirder right?)

^^^ On the morning's safari. I should've fought the outfit harder but then what would our fellow store patrons have stared at? Nothing fun.
^^^ These were legit wear-to-preschool outfits. The Thor cape did stay home, but the Nemo hat made the cut. And he swears he can see fine when he wears the hat like that.
Fashion Police. Call me. 

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  2. Love. Thank you for making me feel so much better about the fact that I only have one boy old enough to make his own clothing choices! (today neon orange shorts, striped orange and brown shirt... but the baby was cute at least).


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