Monday, September 1, 2014

last Friday night

After just over four years of parenting Jake and I have finalllllllly figured out that it's really best to get the kids out of the house to do something...ANYTHING during the day. Usually we just go on a walk or to get a treat but we upped our game big time on Friday night...

We went to the big bad mall.

Here's the thing...we live in a small small small pretty rural area of the valley so the mall is like going to the big city of lights (don't judge our small town, simple ways, too harshly). And the boys think it's better than Disneyland. And that's because they've never been so shhhh. 

We thought the boy would love a little escalator ride. WIN. They both have a slightly crazed look of euphoria in their baby blues because they is lovers of the 'lator.


Rhett attempting a confident dismount from the mall escalator and then decided...nope...but it was way too late. Apparently he didn't want the "monster mouth" to get his beloved batman sandals which meant some hysterical, p-e-t-r-i-f-i-e-d, panic on his part and a close call on some mother loving word choice on my part. Thankfully Jake had all his wits still in his back pocket and carried Mr. Fickle down the rest of the escalating stairs all while holding Rad's death grip because he suddenly also became p-e-t-r-i-f-i-e-d of riding escalators, following his brother's lead per normal.

In our wanderings of the past year or so we've deduced that Rad la-la-la-la-LOVES riding elevators. He welcomes the awkward quiet with strangers and flirts with pushing the alarm button but doesn't ever go so far as to push it (thus far!!). So this glass boxed beauty brought his usually loud shrieks to an epic pitch. 

Aaaaaaaand then the elavator doors slid open and the Miller's were off like a herd of bobcats because we were living the highest life and knew we couldn't resist the luxury of the Play Place.

^^^Spot the legs of the rebel passenger. 

Then the escapade got super glitzy with a razzel-dazzle River Dance performance at Barnes and Nobel.

Complete with stuffed animal twirling and a vocal performance about blue toothpaste made up on the spot.

Dancing, animal twirling, and killer vocals. Talk about a triple stop America's Got Talent.

^^^As we were leaving the mall, Rhett remarked we were on the biggest mountain in the world and all the cars below us were actually Transformers. Clearly we need to expand his limited horizons.

And if the big sparkly mall wasn't enough for one day we took them to the Mecca of sugar and every Pez dispenser your child heart could every want. 

And of course Rhett (and Rad) wanted to eat it all. 

Right then. 

Rhett: How about I have some candy for lunch?
Julia: How about no.
Rhett: How about I just told Santa to put you guys on the bad guy list?

Consider our boots shaken Rhett. 

^^^And these Happy Hippos are the reason I put on 38 pounds while I was in Germany. Yes really, 38 pounds. #hangryhangryhippos

Thxabunch big city for a wonderful night of painting the town red. Good times were had by all. 

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