Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jake the Great Birthday Boy

^^^ Doesn't that look appetizing? Scrumptious? Delectable? 

^^^ Pyrotechnics at 8AM 

^^^ Rad learned to blow out, non-lit candles. We are very very proud. 

^^^ The streamers al la boys with help from their bossy side

^^^ The 3 creepy faces are all portraits of Jake created by our eldest. 

Happiest of birthdays to Jake the Great!

Happy birthday (the big 29!) to the forever funnest parent, father extraordinaire, and exceptionally wonderful husband.

Thank you for being the most outstanding husband to your crazy wife, the best dad to the craziest kids, and so devoted to trying to make everyone happy all while not going even a little bit crazy. We are the luckiest clan in all of the land to have you as our head honcho.

Now hurry home because the boys are very excited to open your presents and eat your cupcakes.

Your very favorite family

PS For your birthday I even created your own personal hashtag. #jakethegreat (I promise I'll go bigger next year for your 30th.)

PPS A few pictures from yesteryears. You've come a long was baby...a long way indeed. :)

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