Friday, September 26, 2014

The dog ate my blog

No one noticed you were gone you self absorbed mom blogger you.

I know. I know.

Oh, I know.

I noticed though.  I hate not blogging and these few weeks were no exception.

But it felt like it was time for a unofficial lowering of the standards around here. I needed to pop a chill pill.  So we lowered them. And then we liked that so much we lowered them again. We are nothing if not dedicated to the current moment's cause.

But we're back with mediocre avengeance for your blogging enjoyment.

So here's little rundown of where I've/we've been:

1. On the way to visit Dad at work, Rhett announced that he didn't love me anymore and that he only loved Dad "because he is more awesome" but he thinks that Rad might love me. Maybe.

2. Perturbed is Rad's middle name when he continually doesn't make the preschool drop off cut. He manifested it by maintaining this expression the whole way home.

3. No way was I going to observe from a safe distance all the fun of getting nice and muddy. (Says she who usually hates to get dirty or have dirt in her presence.)

4. So, basically I guess you could say that teaching Rad the in and outs of hide-n-seek is going well. Really, really well.

5. Rhett's really into taking pictures of clouds and even more into interpreting those clouds. Can you find the hidden chameleon, and rabbit on a trampoween? Me neither.

6. He: saw the dinosaur and mistook it (briefly) for a kangaroo. 
    He: he saw the T-Rex kept meowing at it.
    Me: proud owner of some astute children.

7. Rain! Which means I won't have to complain about the excessive heat much longer. !!! Rather I can revel in the soon to be perfect weather, perfect weather, and the perfect weather for the next 6 months which more than makes up for any remaining and pungent heat induced BO that I may or may not get in the summer. 

8. So...there's that face Rhett makes...when he get's his very own shaved ice for the first time.

9. The rigors of raising boys into young men. Teaching them to build binoculars, wear aprons and actually read the instructions.

And I'm done....all out of boring steam.

But I trust September is going just as swimmingly. :)

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  1. I love reading your blog! I saved your site on my home screen when you used to refinish furniture!
    You are missed, I think you have more fans than you realize! I'm guilty of reading, and not commenting. You have a beautiful and hilarious family!

  2. Rhett's face for number 8 is awesome! And I always love your sense of humor. I am sure it gets you through some interesting days. I need to adopt that!

  3. I am sitting here cracking up!! You are really, REALLY funny! I love that!

  4. hahaha!!! It is all happening at yours! So funny ;-) x


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