Wednesday, March 23, 2016

beck the birthday boy

He did it. He kept himself alive for an entire year. ;)

Beck hit the 12 month milestone one Monday and oh I know it's cliché to say that it's cliché to say, "I can't believe it" but...I can't. Rhett and Rad's first years didn't seem to go sprinting by like Beckett's did. Maybe it's because we really sincerely had zero idea what to do with extra colicky Rhett when we brought him home from the hospital and even though Rad was a super chill bean, the adjustment from one to two kids was rough and rocky for me SO Beck wins best first year award. Applause, applause, applause in his direction.

Let me see, let me see...what can I tell you about Beckett Alan that you don't already know? Lots, I'm sure.

- Beck is gunning extra hard to earn the "happiest baby" in the Miller history book and we're hoping his competitive streak runs out of steam approximately never.

- He's the most open-minded child about food (though you'd never guess...those sad, deflated cheeks) and will eat virtually anything. After eating an ungodly amount of food at each and every meal, he has zero patience for getting cleaned up and out of his chair. Shrill upon shrill upon shrill protests if a wipe gets near his face. 

-  He's the most narrow-minded child when it comes to sleeping through the night but...we won't get into that.

- I really love how he lights up like a megawatt every time Rhett comes home from school/the other room. He knows the fun people when he sees them.

- He adores Rad too, but while he adores, Rad ignores. Typically. I don't really blame Rad for not fully accepting his little brother after 365 days. Beck has been unintentionally ruining Rad's life since a scarily young age.

- Case in point: now that's he's mobile and has stumbled on what to do to get a rise out of Rad... which is to find one of his 89 miscellaneous beloved treasures of the moment (random junk found on walks, at the park, in mom's purse) and start chewing on them one by one.

- Unlike his other brothers who love anything and everyone, Beck prefers a more distant, stone cold glares at any and all strangers encountered in the grocery store. It's not personal...ok it might be personal. 

We love you Beck.

And we know you love us too.

And reeeeal fast a little glimpse at his birthday bash.

^^^ I'm really starting to get this, "elaborate first birthday" gig DOWN.

Except that all this elaborate party decor and the elaborate party that followed was all coordinated by Rhett.

Because on the eve of Beckett's birthday I had literally nothing planned for him. Which officially might make me the worst. Ever. But I'll assuage my guilt by telling myself that this is the case with all third borns.

Selfless Rhett and his assistant party planner Rad, decided Beck would enjoy going to Chick-fil-a and letting his brother's open all his gifts.

Although his eyebrows would indicate otherwise.

Rad was very gracious to offer Beck a straw as a birthday gift. At first Beck was grateful and amused and the realized he'd been scammed.

All the party animals say "Cheese!" Or don't.

So please join us, Rhett and Rad in sing-yelling...."HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you...."

Happy birthday to you dear Beck, happy first birthday to YOU. :)

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