Monday, March 28, 2016

worlds of fun

Spring Break 2016 is well under way, all two and a half full weeks of it. Even though Rhett is only gone from 11-4 every day and that Rad only goes to play school two mornings a week, it makes a world of difference having them home. Most days it makes the cozy and fun kind of difference, but two and a half weeks off means eventually we are alllll craving our usual structure like the wild and free spirits that we Millers tend to be.

Even after hitting up San Diego, parks and playgrounds on the daily, plus play dates by the truck load I realized that we were about to take another trip 

Destination: Crazytown,
Population: Julia and ducklings Miller

Thankfully our awesome town came to the rescue with (free!) entertainment aplenty which provided a pretty darn fantastic family outing. 

Believe it or not I only lost Rad once in the masses. He felt compelled to follow the Easter Bunny character away from his mother's apron strings. A kind grandmotherly figure found him and I heard over the loud speaker. "Will the mother of BRAD MILLER please come to the DJ booth? The mother of BRAD MILLER?"

Never leave me again Brad.

Below: Lots of pictures each worth a 1000 words. But no additional words added. Yay brevity!

Happy Monday!

Haaaaaave a good one.

Extra a's for fun. ;)

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