Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rhett and Rad chat

Watching his dad cook bacon:

Rhett: It's lookin' and hot and ready to rock!"

Letting a very enthusiastic Ben out in the morning:

Rhett: BEN! You have to stop running to go pee!
Rhett: Watch Rad!
Rad: Pees in the grass.

Assuming the role of master, commander and trainer of his little brother:

Rad: Beck. Sit!
Rad: Beck. Stay!
Rad: Beck. Leave it!
Rad: Who's a good boy!

Putting toys back in the playroom:

Julia: Hey buddy. What are you playing?
Rhett: Wellll mom. I don't think you'd understand.
Rhett: Because you're from an old generation.

Discovering the deceit of Saturday morning breakfasts:

Rhett: (takes a bite of his muffin) MOM.
Rhett: This is NOT a cupcake.
Julia: mmmm...
Rhett: This is a MUFFIN.
Rhett: You've LIED to me. A LOT.

Recounting the weekend at bedtime:

Rhett: Mom, was it shots or arrows we went to last night?
Julia: ?....Oh! You mean Target?
Rhett: Yes! Target!

On a Thursday: 

Rhett: Why doesn’t Beck talk yet?
Julia: He’s just a baby.
Rhett: Is he just lazy?

Watching me get ready in the morning:

Rhett: Why do you have so many nipples on your face?
Julia: Eh?
Rhett: Those big red nipples.
Julia: You mean pimples?
Rhett: That's what I said!

Getting onto the couch and grabbing a blanket:

Julia: Ew. Why is this wet?
Rad: Oh. Dat's is where I'm putting my spit!
Julia: That's it. I quit.

Encouragement from my potty trainee in a public restroom:

Rad: You’re doing it Momma! Dat's great Momma!
Rad: You peed in the potty! HIGH FIVEs Momma!!!

4:32PM in the backyard:

Julia: New rule! We don't put our naked butts in people's FACES!
Rhett: Old rule...we don't say butts!
Rad: Timeout mom!

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  1. I think I found your blog through Jane? Anyway, I wanted to say hi! I just love reading your posts! You are hilarious and your boys sound like a handful. I think I would've died with the whole "spit on couch" thing. Thanks for sharing! It helps me have a better sense of humor with my own three kiddos.

  2. Touche to your boys on that last one :)


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