Wednesday, March 2, 2016

raise em rad

And just like that, this cheeky monkey is three years old. And he won't let anyone forget it...he's still telling every living soul who comes within his 8ft radius that it's still his birthday. (It was Friday.)

I know I just did a tribute post to the boys milestones and accomplishments so this might be, totally is, redundant, but I'm thinking if Celine and have a year long tribute concert in Vegas, I can indulge in one more similar post.


I thought all little boys were as mischievous as Rhett until Rad came along and uped the anti for getting into everything messy and sticky and illegal for a toddler all the time. Until relatively recently if Rad was awake and was quiet for more than 1.3 minutes I knew, without a doubt, that we are going to be cleaning some sort of catastrophic mess up together. He now justifies his mischief by claiming that he just wanted, "to party" which bodes very well for his teenage future.

Yes, Rad might be a special breed of trouble, but he has the sweetest temperament. We were out running errands, just the two of us, this weekend and even though he is in the refuses-to-hold-moms-hand stage of his life he was sure to rush to open the driver's side door for me as we approached the van in every parking lot stop. He always slyly kisses my hand at random times because he hasn't outgrown public displays of parental affection completely, but he doesn't like to be showy about it. Whenever there has been a brief absence of us seeing each other (albiet I was running an evening errand or he was upstairs for 10 minutes without me) our reunion is celebrated with him charging me, arms outstretched and jubilantly yelling "Ya here MOM! Ya HERE!!"

Despite his impressive knack for getting into trouble, he is a sensitive little soul. He is always quick to apologize and often remembers when he was naughty, even after long durations like his nap, and gives the knee hug/sorry which makes me feel even more terrible when I've lost my cucumber cool demeanor.

At age three his favorite food group is Costco pizza followed closely by Hulk food (Cheese-Its in the box with the Avengers on the front). Teeth brushing is the literal bane of his existence (and mine), if he doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something he says he "scared" of it. He's a stickler for not letting anything stick out of his dresser drawers and when we are heading out the door he always says, "come on migos, come on!!" (Muchas gracias Diego and Dora.)

Every birthday I always swear that I will never put on a big birthday bash ever again.

Ha. My pants are on fire. 

^^^I mean come cute are Rad and Breckie???? 

This was my first birthday for the boys where we didn't have a "theme." Pretty much any decision that was needed, I asked Rad what he preferred and went with that. So we had a Justice League bounce house, camo napkins, shark plates, a Batman cake, musical chairs and a Lama piñata. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. 

Even with 13 party animals. Not including Beck who joined the festivities dressed to the nines. 

Jake told we the night before the party that he had a 9:30 appointment that morning (the party started at 11...) so to make up for my last minute stress, he took on holding the piñata despite every America's Funniest Home video telling him this could end badly.

Please note his expression. ^^^^

Happy birthday to the the most obstinate, sensitive, tender, crazycake soul on the planet. ;) I love you fiercely Rad!

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