Wednesday, April 23, 2014

razzle dazzle

The kids are successfully melting my brain. I know...crazy Julia...doing bizarre things like writing blog posts with titles that are entirely pulled out of hat.What's next? Confusing the kid's names?! Posting with lowly I-phone pics?? Wouldn't that be something else...

This kid is the best baby in the whole wide world during the day.

And the worst baby in the whole wide world during the night.

OK maybe not the worst baby because we have fortunately passed the new born sleep stage. But not by much.

It is as almost as funny as it is frustrating to watch the sweet cherub morph into a tyrannical crazy pants as soon as he gets even a whiff of bedtime. Consistency is his middle name because we vary nary a smidgen off the beaten path of back arching, sticking limbs through crib slots, screaming baby obscenities, and other hysterics. He then repeats this at midnight, if we're feeling lonely 4:30AM and the again 6:30AM before he decides to permanently greet the day at 7:27AM. I love the turkey, but the only thing I miss at 4:30AM is the previous 6 hours of sleep. Any suggestions on how to remedy the whole ridiculous routine? Other than crying it out. That's not really my thing. (PS he is teething something crazy so I know that has to do with the night time shenanigans.)

He's lucky that throughout the day he is always weirdly, dopily content, naps pleasantly, tolerates Rhett's abuse, dresses himself, performs his daily chores without complaint, rubs my feet and smiles on command. A very lucky duck indeed.

Easter was good. Jake didn't have to be at church at 6:00 in the AM, which meant that our home had a much more Christlike vibe while we got everyone ready for church. I often feel like God is not super pleased with how our Sabbath starts out when it's just me home getting the boys to accept that Yo Gaba Gaba jammas are not exactly what we wear to church. Usually if I feel like I can go to church with a relatively low guilt complex for my mothering that week, I get sufficiently humbled on Sunday mornings. Religion with toddlers: bribery with suckers to make them sit and be reverent.

We do Easter baskets on Saturday in an attempt to help (mostly Rhett) the boys to differentiate between the Easter bunny Easter and the Christ centered Easter. One thing we don't do in Easter baskets is that horrible green grass. Can I get an amen?

Rhett'd outgrown his push bike so although it seemed to generous to give credit to the Easter Bunny for, we got him a pedal bike from Walmart.

While picking it up we got Rad a bike seat so he can cruise in the lap of plastic made in China luxury. It's really been the best to pack them up and cruise around the block. I'm thinking of making mine the mini van of bikes complete with basket, water bottle holders and a bell.

Poor Rad had a rather small potatoes Easter compared to the grandeur of the bike. He got a large clear/glittery kick ball. But bless his last-in-the-line-up heart he loves that ball.

Rhett's sunday school teacher said when asked what Christ did for us he responded with "Jesus made it OK for my Mom to say sorry cuz she told me no so much."

And that is just about all folks.

Wave wave.

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  1. Advice on getting him to sleep all night? He's going to have to cry it out. It will hurt you more than it hurts him. I promise. Every time you go into his room when he crys you are teaching him that crying = mom.
    If you stick to your guns for about a week, he will learn how to put himself back to sleep. My sister has 5 kids and we have 2. We sware by this method. Try giving him some Tylenol before bed to ease the teething pain. It should last him through the night.
    Good luck!! Love your blog! Always enjoy reading it and all of the funny things Rhett says!

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