Wednesday, April 30, 2014

no mas niños, more siesta

Lest anyone think I really think I hablo Espanol, I know a total of ten words. Words like taco, burrito, guacamole and uno, dos, tres. Ole!

Where's my sombreo?

Anyway. Great start to a post Julia. Really keeping your readers attention.

So 3 and 1/2 years ago we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy who required very little sleep to maintain his then sedentary lifestyle.

Fast forward said 1275ish days and the sleep to kid to parent ratio is still heavily in favor of the kids and not even close to being fair in the sleep department. My dark circles have gone from dainty to druggie raccoon.

So when my soon to sainted in-laws offered to watch our posterity for 2 days so that we could escape we were almost too tired to say heck yes. But we did. And we packed up our rolly bag (twice because Rad thought it appropriate to empty it. 14 month olds don't realize the necessity of People magazine.) and hit the road to a local Hyatt less then 30 minutes away.

Let's leave the kids and take a selfie. We can call it "responsible parenting".

And Rad keeping vigil for our return.

This is where the post gets a little PG-13.

Because we did what every married couple would want to do for 13 hours straight.

It starts with a S.

Sleep people. Sleep.

By PG-13...parental goodnight for 13 hours. What were you thinking? Geeze Louise.

Jake asked if we should make ducks faces to go along with our post 13 hours of sleep selfie celly shot? We did and you're welcome.

See the dark circles? A liar I am not.

And it would be nice to insert some awesome deets of stuff we did while we were away, but really it was a lot of sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, reading, going to the movies, eating, eating, eating, sleeping.

Totally true story. We ate that much.

A free cookie from the front desk. Why yes we'd enjoy that. 

Party rockers in the house tonight...

We did go on some walks around a local park and the temple grounds. I tried to convince Jake it was a good photo op and he responded: "You take way too many pictures."

Every party has a pooper....

And to be 100% honest with you dear was a little uncomfortable being without the kiddos at first. I mean we were happy to not have the back seat driver duo sharing their thoughts on everything from preferred sippy cup color and asking what every song on the radio is about (which usually leads to reconsidering song choice...) but it was a little bizarre. Kind of like a awkward first date.

Julia: Do you think we'll say "shablam" when we get old?
Jake: I don't say shablam now.
Julia: Oh.

Rillll good conversation going on.

After I complimented him on how handsome I thought he looked he said, "Tell me something I don't know."

And after two nights of good sleep in a row Jake commented, "Wow you're in a good mood. It's weird."

Let's do this again real soon.

I like being in a good mood.

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  1. Julia, my husband and I did this last fall. We only have one kiddo, so I can imagine it was doubly more enjoyable! ;) But seriously, I felt the EXACT same way!! The same amazing and undisturbed sleep, same awkward convos, everything! And even after probably 6 months later, we are STILL talking about how nice our little vacation with just us two was! We went about an hour away, and it was nothing special, but made such a difference! Anyway, I just loved this post because I can totally relate!!!! :D

  2. You make me laugh so much. I am so glad you got to go away. Love the the way you write. I remember those days very much. By the time Sesame Street came on at 8 am, I was already too tired. Sometimes, I mean all the time, I would lay down and watch it too. It even made me smarter. And anyways, we got to sing the songs together. I called it resting and bonding at the same time. ;0

  3. Buwhahahahahaha - sleeping and eating sounds like my kind of vacation!!!!

    We're leaving our three kids for FIVE days next month with my parents. We're going to a wedding out of state and it will be the first time we've been away from them. The older two (6 and 8) I'm not too worried about. They'll do just fine. But I am having a wee bit of anxiety about leaving our 2-year-old. That, and the thought of my mom, especially, having to deal with three kids for that long. At least the older two are in school during the day. But still, I'm used to it, she hasn't been around kids for an extended period of time since my sister and I were little. She's a little rusty. Ha!

    I am excited to have a vacation for the first time since our honeymoon, though. It's been ten years!!!


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