Thursday, April 17, 2014

catch up on the 52 project and the bunny hop

Well I'm a little late to my own posting. I've been trying to take a "portrait" (ie not an I phone masterpiece) of my boys every week for a year and with the onslaught of the bubonic and forgetting to charge the camera batteries, I'm about 3 weeks behind.

But it's all good. Because...well...the pictures below are cute...?? Check and check. (And ironically take with my phone...)

I taught Rhett the bunny hop because it just seemed like an appropriate Easter activity. But now little bunny foo foo wants to bunny hop all over very public places. I'm not at all opposed to doing a little (very appropriate) twerk in the frozen food aisle. But. I do kind of cringe when Rhett loudly proclaims that his mom and he "have fuzzy fuzzy bunny tails!!" coincidentally in the woman's supportive undergarment section. 

What are some fun Easter activities/traditions you would suggest? I feel like we are very behind in making Easter memories. With our kids who's time frame is either always yesterday or next day. But still. :)

A few of my favorite past weekly pictures thus far.

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  2. Your little bunnies are adorable! Last year we made Resurrection Rolls ( and my boys loved it so much they have been begging to do it again this year.

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I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!