Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rub a dub

Wake up at 6:07?
Bath at 7:15?
Breakfast at 8:32?
Bath again at 11:20?
Sounds like a plan!

The bathtub doubles as our playpen and I'm sure the water company loves us. Maybe one day we'll have an actual pool, but for right now the boys think the master bathroom tub is Olympic size and it's always a good time had by all when the boy's tidal waves start churning over the tub's sides. Or until someone stands up and the other someone gets handsy. Anatomy 101 usually leads to the instigator getting a face full of projected tub water.   

Anyway, things started getting board-ish yesterday so Tweedle Fun and Tweedle Funner decided pumping out a healthy amount of baby shampoo all over themselves and the bathroom floor  would be a suitable good time. Cool. Not their greatest work but the bathroom smelled fresh and weirdly clean and it was much better than cleaning up disintegrated diaper that gets chucked over the upstairs balcony. And now my floor is as as slick as black ice. But I digress. 

Rhett has gleaned that if he toots in the water he makes bubbles. Bubbles make Rad really excited so it's the circle of life motif once Rhett gets started. 

Rhett: "Watch me make bubbles Raddie!" 
bubbles made
Rad: "Bahhhhh!!! Mamamam!!!"

Rad loves to stick his head under the running faucet and always pulls his head out with a ginormous, "I'm so pleased with myself" smile and 9 times out of 10 some sort of booger issue. He also loves to throw the toys out of the tub (over and over and over again) and when I fetch them (over and over and over again) he looks at me like I'm the coolest mom evvva. Thanks dude. 

With Jake gone with church stuff tonight you can bet that the bath tub will be a source of quality entertainment. And bubble making. 

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  1. I love the simple things that make life awesome. Not that bath time is always simple but it's the theory that counts!

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