Monday, April 14, 2014

so much to say, so little time 9

Conversations with a 3 year old are fantastic.

Passing each other in the kitchen:

Rhett: Hey there sweet pee pee!
Translation: Sweet pea

Marching around the backyard carrying a bag of cut up carrots:

Rhett (to Rad): If you want a carrot Rad, you gotta say please and I love you the most Rhett.
Rad: Mama.

Rolling in the Accord for weekly errands and being the world's grumpiest toddler: 

Julia: Rhett you don't need to be so angry. 
Rhett: Yeah I do mommm! Don't you see my angry eyebrows!

At the bathroom in the library trying to keep Rad from touching every germ filled surface while Rhett takes FOREVER with his "pirate-cy":

Julia: Rhett? Honey...? You almost done...?
Rhett: Not yet mom. I gotta go potty like dad does. Give me 5 more minutes.

Laying on our bed with Rad being sickies: 

Rhett (leaning over within an inch of Rad's crustache): Rad you got more boogers than me. That's pretty awesome.

Charging up to me at the park:

Rhett: Mom?
Julia: Yeah dude?
Rhett: I'm sorry I freaked out a lot this morning. (He did. A lot.)
Rhett: I just had a lot of gas.

Becoming a victim of Rad's adoration:

Rhett: Rad!
Rad: Laaaa!!!!! (Trying to climb on Rhett.)
Rhett: Rad I am NOT your toy!!!

Play doh-ing it up at the table:

Rhett: Yesterday I was baby Rhett and Mom you were a little girl named Bart. 
Julia: Ummmm

Listing off a mile long list of snacks he wanted:

Jake: You've got a lot of demands Rhett.
Rhett: Yeah...I'm a man.

He earnestly pled to wear this to church. Because, "Jesus weally weally weally loves doggies Mom."

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