Monday, June 29, 2015

Beck month 3 (and month 2 sneaking in)

He's growing up.

And I hate it.

At the risk of getting too personal on your viewing screen, this is our last baby and knowing this makes every week's passing bittersweet.

Obviously we're big fans of big, stocky boys around here, but if someone were to invent a newborn growth stunting machine...I'd be tempted to keep the celery stalk legs, slit eyes, and pterodactyl squawks around for a little while longer.

Beck turned 3 months on Father's Day (based on is actual due date he's only 7 weeks) and he has a few tricks to show for it. He smiles occasionally, cries sometimes, mastered a poop schedule and flails his t-rex arms about always.

His first smiles were exclusively for Rhett, although how much Rhett claimed Beck shot a grin his way you'd think that Beck had a perfectly timed perma grin that turned straight faced as soon as anyone rushed in with a photo taking device.

Beck's first months were full of constipation ("they're sharing poop stories now....? Ew.") which was no bueno for him (and selfishly us). So we are thanking our lucky stars that his rumpus-endus finally hit it's stride. One particular diaper change, Beck decided he had a little more to get out mid diaper change. Jake was on duty (har har har) for this particular change and has he waited for Beck to finish getting his business out he said "I don't feel like I've know you long enough yet to share this with you..."

Well it made me laugh.

Also worth documenting:

- He has grown out of his newborn clothes and it's breaking my sappy heart.

- He weighs somewhere around 10 lbs based on our scale. Which means he has over doubled his birth weight and has the man boobs to prove it. We get a kick out of everyone telling us still how tiny he is because to us he's now gargantuan.

- Still eats every three hours. So tired. Such big dark circles.

- Beloved sleeping postion: on Jake's chest.

- General mood is very chill. He still sleeps like a newborn during the day, but he is awake from about 2 -3:30 every afternoon and it's his favorite time to practice being extra needy. So he blogs with me while Rad naps and Rhett has quite time.

He proofreads my posts. (Wink...if you catch all my typos you know I need to hire a legit proof reader.)

Happy 1/6 of a year, Beckett. You're the best in the west.

*And if you care... Rhett and Rad at three months.

^^^ Rhett

^^^ Rad

*And making up for failing to blog about his glorious second month of life...two pictures of his tiny status.

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  1. Ugh, my last three month old is now three years old. Sad face.

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