Friday, June 26, 2015

the post in which we relax

I didn't think there was anything more annoying and sticky and gross to clean up than formula. But there is! There always is, isn't there? Try finding a used, ultra crust bottle under your bed and realizing that's where that smell was emanating from. Then you decide to clean the foul BPA free beverage holder you discover that formula can grow legitimate mold. 

Bleeping Discovery Zone around here. Learn something new every second and all of THAT.

But I'm not here to teach you about all things gross. No, I'm here to tell you about the kindness and generosity of others because combined with our 5:30 AM wake up sessions courtesy of Beck and a lack of any form of date night respite, Jake and I have been feeling a little desperate for some R&R but after this past weekend I think we might just make it another 3 months at least. We just might. 

Anyway, Jake's dad let us come and visit for Father's Dat at his house with this pathetic little backyard...

It must be hard to have such a sad little oasis. So hard.

If you wanted to know our odds of ever having a girl, I present the two pictures above ^^^ for your statistical analysis. 1 girl...8 males...I can feel my XX chromosomes having a good chuckle.


Rad was terrified of water that touched above his ankles unless he was pressed up fully against an adult. I was shocked that he was such a little lady about the pool but then I realized most of his recreational water experience is with splash pads, not chlorinated bodies of water.  Either way it was just fine with me for the time being.

But thanks to grandpa, he eventually warmed up to the idea of actual swimming. 

Sort of.

The boys LOVE Jake's dad. Rad ran right into his arms which is something he doesn't even do to me unless he's suffered a life threatening injury like a dirt on his hands and Rhett won't stop pestering us about grandpa's whereabouts and when we're going back. Maybe grandpa would be interested in running a little summer camp for toddlers? Wink.

Usually Rhett is Team Mom but when it comes to anything pool related, Team Dad rules the roost. 

I can't figure out why...Jake is so uninvolved.

But for Rad, anyone who will splash is his favorite.

Which works just fine for me and my happy perma-perch on the side lines.

Yes, yes, you are right...I could just as easily be replaced with a water happy dog.

Behold the nerdy pool boy.

He's rip roaring ready to walk the pool perimeter and get nary a drop of water on his flippers.

And we were totally spoiled with and amazing selection of grilled goodness. Jake was so happy to have real, not-the-cheapest-option meat that he ate a brat, and hamburger and chicken. After all, it WAS Father's Day.

Ever since I learned that rogue crocodiles are occasionally are found in people's pools in Florida (1000 miles away... makes no difference to my sound logic) that I am now 120% convinced I might find one in one of the many pools in AZ. But I don't dare voice that fear to my kids because...well, I am slightly smarter than a rock. But I always check the water before they get in justincase.

Beck was there too and I do love him...but there was always someone else willing to hold him which I also loved. Big time.

It was one of our funner weekends as of late and we can't thank Grandpa and Co. enough for letting us descend and invade!

And now we're back to the grind. Formula crusties and all. 
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  1. Oh man, that sounds like heaven. It's pushin 100 today, so that pool is lookin sooo good.


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