Monday, June 15, 2015

it's not that complicated...


Don't worry -- I'm not about to get all deep and philosophiwhat on you. As you well know, I like to keep things about as shallow as an allllllllmost drained kiddy pool around here. Every now and again I quietly talk to myself and ask, "Julia, why do you blog?" Well -- I don't say that specifically because I don't engage in complicated one-sided convos but I occasionally consider deleting the entire e-Miller blog and doing something slightly more constructive like making a dinner with more than three ingredients or explaining to Rad that jumping up under the table will always result in a head injury - even when you do it 89 times in a row.

But then I decide to bite the bullet and give the one-sided convo another go and end up reminding myself that documenting our life is important (albeit it minisculely important in the greater grand depth of things...) to me.

I wake up every morning telling myself that we are going to have a good and harmonious day that looks nothing like yesterday with minimal mom meltdowns and toddler tantrums and overall occasional frustration. But then 7:14 in the am rolls around and I fail to let Rad smell his blankie for the appropriate amount of time (don't get me started on his normalcy...) before getting his out of bed, and then the war begins to get everything done on my check list to keep life running without losing my mind and making sure the boys/Jake know I love them despite my occasionally contrary behavior.

And always on my to-do list is blog...I mean I have all these deep and introspective things (Stages of sibling acceptance! Why 3 kids is easier than 2 kids! Yoga pants are my life blood! Why isn't Costco open past 6PM on Saturdays?!) to blog about but just as soon as I sit down to do so...someone cries. And it's usually not me. Jake says that for the next several months I just need to make peace with the fact that my posts will have to be shorter and he's right. So ... brevity! Not my strongest suit...but I'm game for broadening my horizons.

So brevity-Miller...your point is...?

Is this - for the next undetermined amount of time I initiating what I like to call quick-and-dirty-blogging. Getting what I can up here, with whatever glowing synopsis I can spout off and calling it good. I hate not being able to blog in real time and I feel like if it's been more than 48 hours since the should-be-blogged-about-event has passed then throwing it on the inter-webs is dumb, but whatever, I'm doing it. Rebel blogger on the lose.

So let's bullet point the rest of this bad boy and call it a quasi success to being short winded.

^^^ Rad samples all fountain water where-evs he may find it. He is partial to the temple fountains and if he was more verbal he would give them a glowing recommendation.  Right now he just wants you to know "Wadder, hmmmm...!"

^^^ Clearly teaching him the ropes of hide and seek is making major headway. Clearly.

^^^The kind soul who patiently waited while we reverently yelled at the boys to come take a happy family picture with us, asked if I wanted to leave the stroller in the shot. I said yes because I don't want Beck to ever feel like he wasn't included in these blessed moments.

^^^You'd be hard pressed to find a baby who loves sleep more then Beck. #babieshavehobbiestoo 

^^^ Whenever Rad hears water running his little ears perk up and he quickly! quickly! changes directions and shifts gears into sprint-skip mode to get himself to the bathroom as fast as possible. His eyes glimmer with hope as he (obviously) wonders, "Could it be? Do I hear someone drawing a BATH?!" And when one mother doesn't include bubbles, one Rad takes it upon himself to add all! the! bubbles!

^^^ After the Museum of Modern Paint Sample Art exhibit on our bedroom walls for three months we finally picked the only actual color from the other non-distrcipt contenders. Why it took three months is a little pathetic, but our room is one step closer to not looking like a dorm room. Next up acutal nightstands and legitimate curtains, not towels hung from curtain rods. Judge us hard.

^^^Rhett has really upped his big brother game since Beck was born...complete with slightly OCD tendencies for hand holding and pacifier cleanliness standards. I mean look at that state of Dalai Lama peace on his face after Rad stole his Paw Patrol toy - zennn.

^^^ The usual suspects are circling the wagons and refusing to rat out the perpetrator of these emjoi clad texts. They are usually sent when Rad is napping so I think we're pretty close to making an accusation. Beckett.  

^^^ The 4-year old has become a foster parent for two stuffed chipmunks, courtesy of a tourist gift shop and a mother who will never say no when solo flying with kids - these stuffed animals are living in the lap of luxury. I think Rhett is projecting paternal instincts on them...sharing his food, carrying them around papoose-d in his shirt, singing to them and I live in fear that chip and munk might ever get misplaced. It wouldn't be pretty. But. I feel like I can confidently say that he's available to babysit small domestic house trained animals...if you're interested.

^^^ The boys were planning on attending the Father-Son campout for church, but rain and thunder do not mesh well with our pathetic camping equipment or Rhett's fear of lightning so we camped at home. We're adventurous, but not crazy.

Longest-short post ever.

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