Monday, June 15, 2015

we're (un)predictable

Every summer I document our first splash pad outing of the season. Same types of pictures and I always haul my legit Nikon to document the not-especially-special occasion. Because a splash pad with bazillions with kids running rampant is a great place for fancy camera equipment and absolutely no one thinks you're an annoying mom-aparazzi when you stalk your kids around the pad. So please enjoy these pictures of not your posterity...they were hard earned. 

Last year Rad was a runner and kept patrolling the edge of the mercifully fenced in splash pad looking for a way to make a break for it. This year his jam is pretending to belong to any of the other families frequenting the oasis. He has been known to join a group's snack line and even accept a cozy beach towel. Of course he does. 

Not every group was willing to accept Rad as one of their pack...for example the alphamom with popeye biceps who reprimanded Rad for playing with a red solo cup her daughter gave him, "my daughter is only ONE so you need to give that back to her"...scaring the living daylights out of my little special snowflake. What was her point? That Rad was two and therefore a felon? I don't know.

But either way to prison with him... 

The thief was "cold" despite the 1000 degree heat wave. 

This picture was taken to the tune of "you embarrass me mother." 

Hopefully he doesn't embarrass easily as he grows up...his momma loves her a photo op.  

Rhett's favorite part of the splash pad, this year, is convincing other kids to stand in the direct path of the water tower waterfall (pictured above) while he kangaroo hops around the perimeter of the cascade. Just call him the Tom Sawyer of pad. 

I set the kids up with their sippies of ice water and Cheetos (responsible parenting is my strong suit) and sat with them in the blistering heat to the tune of no water for the sweaty parent because I forgot my beverage and I think the kids gulp then swish then let a little bit back into the sippy and repeat and I have very few standards but murky backwash hydration I cannot do.

Rad has quickly accepted that he and his brother's DNA isn't equipped to handle heat waves and he is all over his zealous application(s) of sunscreen.

In case it's not already clear...who's the favorite child to photograph frolicking in cool waters you ask?

The one who doesn't run away.

Here's looking at you Beck Beck.

And let's wrap up with a real nail biting cliffhanger about a drive-thru with a line of 59,000 cars and a desperate mom hankering for a fountain drink because despite her thirst at the splash pad, couldn't bring herself to share the sippy beverages...did she wait it out while risking tantrums c/o sloooooowwww driving car syndrome or did she put her own selfish needs aside and just drive back home to the nuthouse? 

You'll never know.


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