Monday, June 22, 2015

the rigors of raising saints

I think when Jake arrives at the pearlies, God or Peter will greet him with, "Oh, you were married to Julia? And Rhett, Rad and Beck are the fruit of your loins?  Please, come riiiiiiiiiight in..." because - I'm a real treasure of a wife sometimes and the same goes for our brood. Jake's a patient man who manages to make me laugh all the time even when I really am not even close to being in a laughy mood and doesn't seem to get above the mildly phased level on the "when your posterity is behaving like ferals" chart. God bless him.

It's not lost on me that having all boys isn't something I'm particularly well versed in understanding. I'm not a man-child whisperer and often I feel a tremendous responsibility to raise these boys to be kind, gentle, selfless, optimistic, cheerful, hardworking men. 


On Father's Day (or technically the day after...) I want Jake to know that my gratitude for his boy-dad skills got me all sappy and like a walking Hallmark card.

So get your gush googles on OK. 


I know. 

Jake, I am grateful that you show our boys that you love me. I know that their quickness to show affection is because they see you hold my hand or pull me in for a hug. And I know that they will be better husbands because of it. 

I am grateful that you come home and play with the boys. I'm grateful that you read to them at night. I'm grateful that every time we go anywhere they ask if we're going to see you and when we get home they run into the house calling your name, even when you're still at work.

I am grateful that you teach our boys to be confident in themselves. That you are silly with them. That you sincerely listen to them, tell them their strengths and expect them to listen and to do good.

I am grateful that in you they can see the joys of fatherhood, so one day they will want to be fathers too. I am grateful that you remind the boys over and over again with words and kisses that no one will ever love them like you love them.

Being a father -- to our boys -- is undoubtedly one of your greatest accomplishments Jake.

After all, good fathers make good sons.

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